Enjoy the natural beauty...beware of the natural hazards!

It is only natural to be excited and get totally blown away by the natural beauty present at Glacier Natural Park.  Most visitors are quick to immerse themselves into nature, without any regards for safety!  Sure...every single time you hop out of your vehicle you are presented with a series of safety concerns...trips, slips, falls, other drivers, etc.  Looking at this scene, can you detect some possible natural hazards that may be ignored at first glance?  First and foremost is the remaining snowfield  perched above the raging waters of the snowmelt fueled stream.  Many times, both before and after this shot, people ignored the posted warning signs and wandered on to the snowfield.  At any moment, a person walking on the snowfield could fall through a weak spot...plunging quickly to the underlying stream, meeting death via the fall, hypothermia, or drowning.  So the next time you are out enjoying nature...look around...identify potential hazards, and keep safe!  

Bronica RF645; Zenzanon-RF 65mm F4; Kodak Ektar 100