Panoramic Photography...the Shen-Hao PTB617

As my interest in photography continues to do my interests in various film formats!  My return to film photography approximately two years ago is an action I do not regret.  Although I still enjoy digital photography, it is my interest in film photography that drives my passion.  In some ways, digital photography is way too easy and somewhat artificial to some degree.  It is easy to take a shot, look at your photo instantly, and decide to shoot again if the previous shot failed.  That really isn't an option in film photography.  Since digital photography happens at such a quick pace...sometimes I find myself just clicking the shutter, hoping to get a good shot by shear volume!  Going back to film photography, makes me think about photography in a whole new more just putting the camera in aperture-priority mode, letting the camera take care of the rest.  Now the process is up to me!  

I just ordered the Shen-Hao PTB617 panoramic film camera.  The PTB617 is equipped with a roll film back that takes medium format 120 film producing massive negatives measuring 6 x 17 cm!  I also ordered two used large-format lenses.  My new camera kit includes the following:

Shen-Hao PTB617 camera

Fujinon SWD 90mm F5.6

Fujinon-W 150mm F5.6

Shen-Hao Fresnel 6 x 17

Gepe Professional Cable Release (20 in.)

Peak 15x Loupe

Harrison Classic Dark Cloth - Medium (54x58 in.)

Pelican 1500 OD Green Case

Shen-Hao PTB617 (source: