The Camera Does Not Matter…or Does It?

Many in photography circles say, “It’s not the camera…it’s the photographer!”  Why do people feel the need to quote others?  What makes the opinions presented by others so special?  It is a good habit to read and critique the thoughts and works of others…but quoting another human being should be used quite sparingly.  One should develop their own thoughts and opinions after evaluating all relevant information on a subject…while interjecting their own personal experiences.  Do you want to be your own person or would you prefer to only be the amalgamation of the thoughts presented by others?  Give that some thought and draw your own opinion!

Online forums frequently feature people asking for the opinions on what camera they should buy.  Why can’t people make their own decisions?  Do they want to blame others, if the camera they buy just doesn’t work for them?  Come on people…get some confidence in yourself and make your own decisions!  A confident photographer is a happy photographer and a future good photographer. 

A photographer will also feel more connected to their photography…if they choose their own camera!  Although a great “high dollar” camera won’t make a bad inexperienced photographer good…it will make a good photographer even better!  If a pro photographer is equipped with an iPhone 6 phone camera and a medium format Pentax 645Z and challenged to use one for a month straight followed by the other for a month…which camera will provide the photographer the tools necessary to create the best images?  The pro will get great images from both cameras…but he will excel, producing the most amazing pics using the medium format camera.  This is not speculation or merely opinion…this is a fact!  Likewise, a bad photographer will always create bad images, whether it be with a Leica M6, iPhone 6, or a Pentax 645Z.  Research, experience, hard work, and a vision are the components needed to excel as a photographer!

The next time you hear someone say, “it’s not the camera…it’s the photographer”, you are listening to a jealous photographer wishing they could have that one special camera.  All photographers should strive to produce the best images possible with the camera they have, whether it is a phone camera, a point and shoot, or an advanced system.  The experience and skills acquired along the way will enable you to produce even better images when you finally get that special camera!